Community XI: Fantasy Premier League Tips

Fantasy Premier League Tips

The community provide all their Fantasy Premier League tips, advice and strategy for the 2019/20 season.

The article includes a broad range of Fantasy Premier League tips, including squad structure, wildcards and player picks.

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FPL Prize League

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1. Cheaters

The Hail Cheaters kick things off with their annual instalment of Fantasy Premier League Tips, with 10 items for consideration. There’s plenty of valuable advice and discussion to bear in mind here.

2. Saint

FPL Saint discusses a range of ways of deploying the first FPL wildcard. This strategy is very important, with some managers considering whether to go early, or hold out as long as possible.

3. Hopcroft

Adam Hopcroft also considers the arguments for and against an early wildcard, as well as considering being flexible with your formation and team structure. I personally will be playing my wildcard at the first international break.

4. Monkey

Hindu Monkey keeps things short and sweet with his six Fantasy Premier League tips. Point one carries greatest importance, there’s no harm in playing safe initially.

5. Connect

FPL Connect has put together a fascinating piece on how to get a good start in FPL. Getting off to a flyer can set you up for a really great season, catapulting you up the rankings for the foreseeable.

6. Crellin

Ben Crellin keeps things on brand with his resolutions for this season. It’s all about the deployment of the chips, with some early weeks earmarked right from the beginning, including a Mo Salah triple captain.

7. Dinnery

Ben Dinnery applies his knowledge of injury and fitness to the Fantasy Premier League tips. There’s plenty of players who’ve had a busy off season at the Copa America and African Cup of Nations.

8. FC

FPL FC has set up his early season Fantasy Premier League tips into six important bullet points. One key piece of advice is to pile as much cash as possible into the main XI, instead of having spare cash on the bench.

9. Salah

FPL Salah has transferred some blog tips over to Twitter, on how to avoid a terrible start. The first general principle carries great weight for many FPL managers, especially those aspiring to winning the whole thing.

10. Murray

Neil Murray has provided so much advice in terms of Fantasy Premier League tips, that it couldn’t be narrowed down to a single tweet. Here’s a selection of his thoughts on early wildcards, psychology and advice.


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