Community XI: Captains

There is much debate in the FPL community about who to trust with the captains armband ahead of the Gameweek 22 deadline. With Salah away at AFCON and Son injured, should we captain a double or single Gameweek player?

I. Fantasy Football Scout

Joe and Tom had a look at the best captaincy picks for Gameweek 9 in the latest FFScout captaincy video

II. Football Chatbox

Ryan shares his thoughts on the Gameweek 22 captaincy decision in his latest YouTube video.


FPL Dare is joined by FPL Inzaghi to discuss all things Gameweek 22 including the captains armband

IV. FPL Peaks

FPL Peaks shares his thoughts on Double Gameweek 22.

V. Fantasy Football Fix

The guys at Fantasy Football Fix have reviewed two of the likely captaincy options of Gameweek 22 in Kane and Ronaldo.

VI. The Athletic

The FPL General discusses all things Gameweek 22 in his latest podcast for the Athletic

VII. The FPLShow

Kelly and James discuss all things FPL including captains picks

VIII. FPL Stevie

FPL Stevie talks through captaincy in his latest Gameweek Twitter thread.

IX. FPL Sonaldo and FPL Pras

Pras and Sonaldo cover the burning questions for Gameweek 22

X. FPL Banger Podcast

As part of his latest Podcast FPL Banger discusses captaincy options.

XI. Official FPL Podcast

This weeks guests including Matt Holland, Sam Parkin and Sam Bonfield discuss Gameweek 22 including the best captaincy options.

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