Community Round Up XI: Captains

The Gameweek 8 captain decision on paper seems an easy one. The community have shared their views on whether it’s as simple as it seems on first glance.

I Fantasy Football Scout

Deputy Editor Tom Freeman has cast his expert eye over the captaincy options ahead of this weekends FPL action.

II FPL_Dixon

Has produced a good thread on the different captaincy options for Gameweek 8.


FPLtips has produced his latest captaincy video on the best picks for this weekends action.

IV Official FPL Show

This weeks FPLShow features Sam from the FPLFamily and Holly Shand. They discuss all things Gameweek 8 as well as who are the best captain picks for this weekend in part 3.

V Jumpers for Goalposts

Over on Jumpers for Goalposts there is a captaincy focused article, which looks at the obvious as well as the more differential picks, to help FPL managers make the best captaincy decisions.

VI FPLBrunoo (@FPL_Bruno)

In his weekly thread on the upcoming Gameweek FPLBrunoo has assessed the best captaincy options using his captaincy matrix.

VII FPL Nymfria

In her most recent video FPL Nymfria shares her views on captaincy as well as other aspects of Gameweek 8.


FPL Osama has produced his Gameweek 8 analysis, check out his thoughts for the week including his views on captaincy.

IX Official FPL

The official FPL account tweeted asking for who the community were planning to captain this weekend. You can see the outcome here.

X Fantasy Football Geek

FPLgeek20 has produced his weekly captaincy polls – see who is favourite for the armband this week.


FPLHaul hosted his live stream on Friday afternoon looking at all aspects of Gameweek 8, including who to captain

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