Community Post: Best FPL Captains 2022/23

FPL Reactions has turned his attention to the captaincy debate. He has taken the 2022/23 fixture released and considered the best FPL captains on paper every week until the end of the season.

Louis has looked at the fixtures for all of the Premier League sides. He has considered which of the premium picks make the best FPL captains every week.

Of course form and availability will impact these but it is a great template for FPL managers.

This is also helpful for considering transfers each week. The quality of the premium assets in the game could mean that FPL managers increasing look to be more fluid with their squads. This could mean moving between Kane, Ronaldo and Haaland over different points of the FPL season.

Heading in to the 2022/23 season with a captaincy template could help FPL managers make better decisions. Both in terms of the armband as well as transfer planning.

Best Captains by Gameweek

Gameweek 1Salah, Kane or Son
Gameweek 2Salah, Haaland or Ronaldo
Gameweek 3Haaland
Gameweek 4Salah, Haaland, Son, Kane or Ronaldo
Gameweek 5Salah or Haaland
Gameweek 6Salah, Haaland, Son or Kane
Gameweek 7Salah or Ronaldo
Gameweek 8Haaland or Ronaldo
Gameweek 9Salah or Haaland
Gameweek 10Haaland or Ronaldo
Gameweek 11Ronaldo, Kane or Son
Gameweek 12Differential captaincy
Gameweek 13Salah Son or Kane
Gameweek 14Salah Son or Kane
Gameweek 15Haaland or Ronaldo
Gameweek 16Salah, Ronaldo, Haaland, Kane or Son
Gameweek 17Salah, Ronaldo, Haaland, Kane or Son
Gameweek 18Salah Haaland Son or Kane
Gameweek 19Salah Ronaldo Kane or Son
Gameweek 20Salah
Gameweek 21Haaland Kane or Son
Gameweek 22Salah or Ronaldo
Gameweek 23Salah Haaland Ronaldo Kane or Son
Gameweek 24Salah or Haaland
Gameweek 25Salah Haaland or Ronaldo
Gameweek 26Haaland
Gameweek 27Salah Haaland Ronaldo Kane or Son
Gameweek 28Salah Kane or Son
Gameweek 29Ronaldo Kane or Son
Gameweek 30Haaland or Ronaldo
Gameweek 31Salah Haaland Ronaldo Son or Kane
Gameweek 32Salah Son or Kane
Gameweek 33Salah
Gameweek 34Haaland or Ronaldo
Gameweek 35Salah Haaland Son or Kane
Gameweek 36Salah Haaland Son or Kane
Gameweek 37Salah Ronaldo Son or Kane
Gameweek 38Salah Haaland Ronaldo Son or Kane

Captaincy notes

  • Holding Salah all the way through is sensible as he makes 27/38 GWs as a great captaincy option.
  • Haaland also gives a huge 24 great opportunities for captaincy with 16 of those competing against Salah.
  • Ronaldo also gives us 19 opportunities to Captain him but 18 clashing with another premium striker.
  • Kane and Son also offer up 21 opportunities for captaincy.
  • Seven Gameweeks offer us the chance to captain between five great options.
  • A massive 35 good opportunities for you to give a premium striker the armband meaning always having a premium striker could be key.
  • Only one good Gameweek to go differential seems to be the case in Gameweek 12.
  • There are only four Gameweeks that there seems to be a more obvious pick.

Captaincy is always important but this season there’s even more opportunities to go for a different premium it seems. This could mean big swings similar to last season but even more so this season it appears.

Fantasy Football Scout have their own captaincy matrix to help with captaincy decisions. They currently have an offer on membership meaning managers can sign up at last years prices. There is also a seven day free trial available.

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