15 FPL Community Leagues

Community Leagues

There’s cash, prizes and bragging rights on offer in the 2018/19 Fantasy Premier League community leagues.

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How will you fill those 15 Classic League spaces?

The FF Community Shield

Make sure that you join the our own community leagues. My Greatest 11 have sponsored the mini league, with a £225 cash prize pool:

1st place – £100, 2nd place – £50, 3rd place – £25, Christmas Number 1 – £50. The 4 winners will also receive a framed My Greatest 11 print, from their website.

To be a part of The FF Community Shield, manually enter our league code 1739-786, or click the graphic below.

League Code

Christmas Island

While there are only 15 Classic League slots in the Official Fantasy Premier League game, the community have exploited the preset country to allow an extra slot.

FPL Hints has encouraged managers to adopt Christmas Island as their nation, and their Tourism Board have promised three prizes throughout the season. Show your colours!

Here’s 15 Classic Community Leagues that we recommend joining for the 2018/19 Fantasy Premier League season.

Star Leagues

1. The League of Doing Bits: 769483-171842

Premier League and Crystal Palace star, Patrick Van Aanholt, has created his own league for the season. With exclusive giveaways promised and some high profile entrants, it’s well worth getting involved.

2. Battle the Breach: 1153305-360742

Premier League and BT Sport presenter, Jules Breach, has reactivated her mini league for 2018/19. It’s highly competitive, with familiar faces from the world of Fantasy.

3. Kasby Primo League: 703475-348798

Bollywood superstar, Atul Kasbekar, has set up a very popular league for the new season. There’s fighting talk to get a competitive edge, plus prizes provided by Puma.

Cash leagues

4. 90MAAT: 78364-16579

Premier League digital magazine 90 Minutes at a time, have put up a cash prize of £100 for the winner of their mini league.

5. Hype Train: 5934-1917

There’s also One Hundred Pounds on offer for the winner of the Real Hype Train community league. Thousands of managers are expected to take part.

6. Fantasy Football Hub: 1396-1927

It’s a double dose of prizes from Fantasy Football Hub, who are offering a cash prize on top of a 1 Year Membership to their website. Engage in their tweet to up the final prize pot.

Prize Leagues

7. Playmakers Pod: 338854-71801

Football related podcast, Playmakers, are offering a 2019/20 Premier League shirt for the winner of their classic league this season.

8. Survivor

FPL El Statto has teamed up with tech providers Veho, to produce some great gadgets for fantasy managers. The scoring is a new take on the classic format, with survival the ultimate aim.

9. FPL Bet League: 1740321-398005

With the ultimate aim to beat the Clueless Husband, FPL Bet are offering up a Sonos Play Smart Speaker to the overall winner of their classic league. It’s a great prize!

10. The Gaffer Tapes League: 4817-1594

Popular podcast The Gaffer Tapes have partnered with Monster Shop to provide a PS4 bundle as their community league prize. With monthly prizes also on offer, it’s good to be involved.

Bragging Rights

11. FF Pundits League: 12909-3368

The Fantasy Football Pundits league will be stacked with elite Fantasy Premier League managers. With thousands of entrants, it’s ultimate bragging rights to finish near the top.

12. Fly’s Super League: 157-388

Twitter favourite FPL Fly has returned with the latest installment of his Super League. The man himself is always pushing for the top, but can he be beaten?

13. Beat the General: 29104-7585

FPL General has a superb record in Fantasy Premier League. Join the league to be in the chasing pack and cement your expertise for a shot at the Elite 64 in subsequent seasons.

14. Rebel Girls: 16719-4260

The FPL Rebel Girls league has a strict female-only policy. The 5% fantasy minority are always on the hunt for keen FPL Ladies to join their league and battle against each other.

Charity League

15. Charity Fantasy Football

Chairty FPL are supporting St Oswald’s Hospice this season. To do your bit for charity, plus be in with a chance of winning 1k, join in with just a ten pound entry fee.

Alternative Competitions

The Budget League

The Budget League has always been popular in the Fantasy Premier League community. With just 75 million allowed to be spent, finding bargains presents the ultimate challenge.

Community Clash

Those involved in the community on Twitter are encouraged to form a team and enter the Community Clash. Team IDs will be used, rather than classic scoring, so it won’t require one of those valuable 15 spaces.

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