Gameweek 19

Gameweek 19 Team 2019/20

Two free transfers provides plenty of flexibility for the squad as the Gameweek 19 team is set up. 🎮 Another … More

Gameweek 16 Team

Gameweek 16 Team 2019/20

With the Premier League taking just over 36 hours break, it’s already time to prepare the Gameweek 16 team. There’s … More

Gameweek 15 Team Captain

Gameweek 15 Team 2019/20

Leicester City take all the headlines for the Gameweek 15 team, with Jamie Vardy the standout captain pick. 💰WOW! FanTeam … More

Gameweek 13 Team

Gameweek 14 Team 2019/20

Chelsea players are causing headaches as the Gameweek 14 team prepares with just one free transfer. 🎧 PATREON PRIZE REVEAL … More