Gameweek 12 Team 2019/20

With a big green arrow last weekend, there’s hope for further progress from the Gameweek 12 team. There’s just one … More

Gameweek 11 Team

Gameweek 11 Team 2019/20

There’s promise of further captaincy returns this week for the Gameweek 11 team. Two free transfers have been used to … More

Gameweek 10 Team 2019/20

After another dismal week of fantasy action there’s hope of improvement for the Gamewek 10 team. Form is non-existent but … More

Gameweek 8 Team

Gameweek 8 Team 2019/20

Things are on the up for the Gameweek 8 team, with two consecutive green arrows. Kevin De Bruyne is currently … More

Gameweek 7 Team

Gameweek 7 Team 2019/20

A first green arrow was welcomed last weekend, with momentum building for the Gameweek 7 team. With two free transfers, … More

Gameweek 6 Team

Gameweek 6 Team 2019/20

There were wildcard woes last weekend but the Gameweek 6 team is ready to bounce back. Patience is the order … More

Gameweek 5 Wildcard Team

Gameweek 5 Wildcard Team

The wildcard has been active over the International Break, to bounce back for the Gameweek 5 wildcard team. There’s room … More

Gameweek 4 Team

Gameweek 4 Team 2019/20

Last weekend provided yet more disappointment but there’s hope that the Gameweek 4 team will make amends. There’s plans to … More