Kane, Kun & Mo: Captain Analysis

Captain Analysis

There’s three key contenders for your Fantasy Premier League Captain each week. How can you end up with the correct one?

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Captain Contenders

Since Gabriel Jesus picked up an injury back in Gameweek 21, the captain decision has been relatively easy.

There’s been three key contenders for the armband: Harry Kane, Sergio Aguero or Mo Salah. All three are on penalties. They are all pretty secure of starts. They are the only FPL players to score over 15 goals so far this season.

On the surface, the captain decision looks pretty straightforward. But the captaincy statistics are split pretty evenly each week and with contrasting outcomes.

Many managers are becoming frustrated with blanks. So how can we make sure that we end up picking the right one on a weekly basis?

Gameweek 23-26 Captain

I’ve gathered all of the key information over the last four gameweeks and there appears to be a clear pattern emerging. The answer to our problem is a pretty simple one: go with the home player.

When more than one player has a home fixture, select the player who comes up against the weaker opposition. This strategy would have worked almost perfectly over the last four weeks, ensuring managers of the biggest captaincy returns from our big three.

Gameweek captain

Gameweek 27-30 Captain

If we follow the findings forward, it’s obvious who deserves the armband for the next two. Leicester have slightly worse form than Arsenal, so Aguero is the main contender for Gameweek 27.

In Gameweek 28, Mo Salah is the only player to have a home fixture, so get’s the armband against West Ham. In Gameweek 29, each of our candidates has a home fixture, but Kane faces the weakest side defensively in Huddersfield. Gameweek 30 sees all of our three travelling away from home: this could be the opportunity to go with a captaincy differential!

Captain GW27-30

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