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Bundesliga Fantasy Best Differentials for Matchday 15

We take a look at the Bundesliga Fantasy best differentials for Matchday 15 with the help of our expert manager and contributor @FPLPlatinumHe uses underlying stats, team and player form and other factors to help him.

Looking at the Bundesliga Fantasy best differentials for Matchday 15 can be extremely beneficial for managers. Differentials are lowly owned players that if successful can help you gain rank and an edge over you mini-league rivals.

GK – Lukas Hrádecký – 11.6m, 6% owned, Frankfurt (H)

Once again, Leverkusen’s goalkeeper Lukas Hrádeký emerges as the prime differential goalkeeper choice. With an impressive 13-point performance during a crucial 1-1 draw away to Stuttgart, Hrádeký’s pivotal saves were also instrumental in preventing a potential loss for his team.

In the upcoming fixture, Hrádeký and Leverkusen are set to host Frankfurt. Despite Frankfurt’s recent extraordinary 5-1 victory over Bayern, which is seen as an anomaly, Leverkusen are widely anticipated to secure a win against Frankfurt.

DEF – Nico Schlotterbeck – 11.3m, 4% owned, Augsburg (A)

Despite Dortmund’s recent setback conceding three goals to Leipzig at home, they’re eager for a strong response against Augsburg. This match presents an opportunity for Dortmund, under Edin Terzic’s guidance, to regain fan support and defensive stability.

Considering the desire for redemption, Nico Schlotterbeck emerges as a potential differential for Matchday 15. The aftermath of Dortmund’s recent results might deter fantasy managers. But, Schlotterbeck could be an underrated choice due to Dortmund’s probable push for a clean sheet and resurgence in this upcoming fixture.

MID – Franck Honorat – 11.6m, 3% owned, Werder Bremen (H)

Among several promising differential midfielders, Franck Honorat stands out as an appealing choice for Matchday 15. The BMG midfielder has showcased impressive form, notably accumulating 14 points in MD14. He has also been maintaining a solid average of seven points per game throughout the season.

Remarkably, with only 3% ownership among fantasy managers, Honorat presents a substantial opportunity for those looking to gain ground in their leagues. As BMG gear up for a favourable home fixture against Werder Bremen, Honorat’s under-the-radar status also positions him as an intriguing option for fantasy managers seeking differentials.

FWD – Niclas Füllkrug – 15.5m, 2% owned, Augsburg (A)

Despite a varied start to his Borussia Dortmund tenure under Edin Terzic, Niclas Füllkrug, last season’s top scorer, demonstrated promise by securing 12 points and finding the net in Dortmund’s unfortunate 3-2 home defeat against RB Leipzig.

Similar to the narrative surrounding Nico Schlotterbeck, Füllkrug stands to benefit from Dortmund’s pressing need for a victory. This potentially places him in a favourable position to contribute goals. Furthermore, Füllkrug’s mere 2% ownership among fantasy managers signifies an overlooked opportunity. Considering Dortmund’s urgency for a win, Füllkrug’s potential to make an impact in the upcoming fixtures might make him a valuable differential option for fantasy football managers seeking a difference-maker in their squads.

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