Blank Gameweek 31 Community Special

Blank Gameweek 31

With just days to go until the dreaded Blank Gameweek 31, the community help you prepare in this article special.

Starting Eleven

Ben Crellin brought us all the Blank Gameweek 31 permutations throughout January and February. The fixtures have now been confirmed, but the details of the rearranged fixtures won’t be released until after Blank Gameweek 31.

Strategy Articles

If you’ve left it late to prepare for the Blank Gameweek 31 and you’re struggling to field XI without a lot of hits, then the latest Fantasy Football Pundits is essential reading. FPL Audit share three different strategies, depending on which chips you have remaining. There’s also contributions from FPL Coach and FPL Herald.

Player Picks

With only eight teams featuring in Blank Gameweek 31, the pool of potential players is somewhat limited. The community have been busy analysing all of the potential options: the transfer targets have changed considerably following the outcomes of the last three or four gameweeks. Some teams are best to be avoided altogether.


Clean sheets could be hard to come by in Blank Gameweek 31, aside from Liverpool, and the attack looks like a better option from Anfield. The community have analysed the potential options for our back lines.

Moving Forwards

With many teams decimated by dead wood, that have been held for the blanks, a lot of teams won’t be in a strong state moving forwards to Gameweek 32 and beyond. The community advise whether the wildcard could be the best way of preparing for the season run in. The Gameweek 32 fixtures could dictate the best forward moves.


For those holding a full key of chips, the most popular strategies are shared by Ben Crellin. There’s a big window opportunity following Blank Gameweek 31 for potential wildcard planning time.


A number of players are due attacking returns and ought to be considered going forward. Penalty takers offer particular appeal. There was good news for Theo Walcott following a potential injury picked up late on in Gameweek 30, from Ben Dinnery.


Plenty of managers will be thinking of taking a hit to field more players in Blank Gameweek 31. This can be seen as a potential lesser hit than a -4, if the player brought in has a minimum of 2 appearance points. There will be gains to be made for those who don’t take a hit for this one though. According to Who Got The Assist?, history dictates that we should use caution here.

Site Posts

Starting Eleven

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