€100,000 UCL Knocokout Freeze Strategies

UCL Team

With no transfers or changes allowed in the Fanteam UCL Knockout Freeze, which strategies should you adopt?

Should you load up on premiums? Target the differentials? Predict the finalists? There’s plenty to consider, and we have three UCL sides to showcase.

UCL Freeze Format

Usually, cup format tournaments are not ideal for a regular season game, but the biggest European Daily Fantasy Sports Platform came up with the UCL Knockout Freeze format! This means users will not be able to change anything about their team, once the first match of the knock out phase starts..

No transfers, no captain changes, no substitution order changes. One team for the whole final round!

Strategy A – Premium Players

Strategy A selects the biggest names in European football. Liverpool are head and shoulders above the rest, so a triple up is a must. Manchester City’s Champions League hopes are dwindling, so this season’s competition becomes even more poignant. Elsewhere, Messi and Ronaldo are the stars of Europe, with Haaland their potential successor. Sancho and Pique become the enablers. It’s high risk, but high reward.

UCL Team A

Strategy B – FPL Knoweldge

The English sides have had great success in the Champions League over the past couple of seasons, with us tipping the trend to continue. Spurs and Chelsea may find it tough to get through their Round of 16 ties, but their players are excellent value and potentially worth the risk. Liverpool’s defence has been impenetrable over the last few months. There are options on the bench if our home sides desert us.

UCL Team B

Strategy C – Form Finders

Lewandowski and Haaland were the shining lights of the group stage of this season’s UCL tournament, with ten goals and eight goals respectively. Can they keep their blistering run of form going all the way to the final? Son was one of the form midfielders, with five goals and one assist. Navas and Burki were the highest scoring goalkeepers, with one of them guaranteed to progress to the quarter finals. Can group stage form continue?

UCL Team C

Even if you are not familiar with Fanteam, or DFS in general, you should check out their website and give it a look.

If you have any questions whatsoever about the game and the amazing prize pool, do not hesitate to get in contact! Hit the banner below to signup and ENTER! Good luck!

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