€100,000 in prizes for the World Championship of Online Fantasy Football!

FanTeam World Championship

Fanteam announces the third instalment of the World Championship of Online Fantasy Football! Do you have what it takes to become a World Champion?

Fanteam World Championship

If you can climb to the top in the final, you can cash out €30,000! The prize pool in the final is guaranteed to be €100,000.

Exclusive FreeRoll

Fantasy Football Community users are invited to an EXCLUSIVE Freeroll to gain entry to a second level qualifier for the World Championship of Fantasy Football.

The tournament involves the six Premier League games on Wendesday 4th December, with the two highest placed managers winning a ticket worth €55 to a satellite directly qualifying for the World Cup of Fantasy Football! Here’s all the details for entry…

FanTeam Freeroll

  1. Signup and login to your FanTeam account.
  2. Head to the “User Created” tab in the lobby
  3. Hit “Play €0.00” on “FFCommunity WCOFF Satelitte”
  4. Use the password “7FFCWCOFF7”
  5. Enter your team and enjoy the competition!

The buy-in in the final is €1,050, but don’t worry, it is very possible to get into the final without paying the big bucks. Actually, the vast majority of the finalists will qualify via satellites, which will be running many times a week from now until the end of December.

The final in itself will consist of two gameweeks of Premier League in daily fantasy style where the points from round 2 gets added to round 1 to get the final score.

The two final rounds are independent, so you will be able to create a brand new team in round two without getting any penalties – this is the real DFS experience.

The final starts on the 28th of December, so we recommend you start trying to qualify as soon as possible!


These are the pay-outs, based on a prize pool of €100,000. The pool can obviously never be smaller than this, but it could be bigger, in which case the extra money will be added to the prizes.

In the tournament lobby, you will find satellites for the WCOFF every day. There will be different buy-in levels. As of now, in the lobby there are buy-ins of €2.75, which lead to another satellite with €55 buy-in, but there are €11 and €55 buy-in contests that lead directly to the final too. There will be other variants as well.

Many of the satellites will be based on Premier League matches, but other leagues and even other sports will be used to get a big variety of buy-ins. Some satellites award tickets to other satellites, while some award tickets to the final. If you are unsure which one it is, please check the ‘details’ button for the given satellite in the lobby.

FanTeam World Championship

We at Fantasy Football Community can’t wait to enter the World Championship and would love you to join us too – places are limited so we recommend aiming to qualify through the satellites which are running already and can be seen in the lobby. Today there is even a full round Premier league satellite event.

If you have any questions whatsoever about the game and the amazing prize pool, do not hesitate to get in contact! Hit the banner below to signup and ENTER! Good luck!

Fanteam World Championship

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